“We have to realize that our minds are our enemy.”

lapland-finland2    Yes, I know, I know.  You probably think I am crazy for putting this quote up there. Who in their right mind would say something so insane?  Well if you think it is insane I want to have a little chat with you.

The difference between my mind and my brain?  I use the example of coming up to a stop light and seeing it turn yellow.  I am in that no man’s land place, where if driving cautiously(and abiding by the speed limit, that is another story) I would slow down, even if I had to do it a little assertively and stop for the light. That is my brain at work.  Now my mind says, “Oh my Ggod…….step on it!!!”

946713_467905806652095_2141519338_nWhat does all of this mean? Why do I need to punch it to make it through the light?  In a hurry, late, on and on and on are the reasons why.  But they all come down to one thing: fear!  What am I afraid of?  That is in and of itself another post.

This post is about our mind being our enemy.  I created this construct, my mind, based on my history of what the world “should” be. I want to go through the stop light because for some reason I “think,” I need to. It doesnt matter whatever the reason is, what matters is that I have this part of me, my mind, that doesnt want to be reasonable,(well reasonable according to the law)unless you define reasonable as agreeing with me.

dusk-blue“[I]n therapy, an important part of the psychological process involves examining how we think.” What is my need to run that light about?  It is because I think that there is something wrong with me if I dont get to the next destination sooner, or I just want to make it through this light as if there was some sort of race.  I think both of those reasons come from the same place.

Just a thought about why the mind is not always beneficial to us.

123 RV, SA, JW

Quotes by James Hillman



6 thoughts on ““We have to realize that our minds are our enemy.”

  1. I so agree with your perspective. As I see it, we need to change our thoughts in order to change our world.
    Here the mind becomes beneficial. I am in such a struggle with changing my thoughts.
    Thanks for post.

  2. Yes, our minds can be our enemy. But if we can learn to take our thoughts under control, our minds can become motivators. “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.” Have a good one.

  3. I don’t think you are insane AT ALL! But I guess if I said you were crazy for this so well explained thought process…. then I would have to admit that I am crazy as well! Fact is I know I am insane! Good post!

    • As I continue down this road of working through the issues of depression, I see that as Hillman says, the culture is manifesting our dis-ease. It is not the individual who is the thing that needs to change but our culture is. I wrote about that yesterday. Thanks for the kind words my friend.

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