“It’s the something else we need to get back to,…”

storm-over-neighborhood-pat-kavanagh-bmp  “…to connect with again. Without naming it, without defining it, without scientizing it.”[1]

The biggest problem I face  is trying to understand something that  I don’t comprehend intellectually, that I don’t have a grasp of in any articulable way, but yet I believe at some level, I know that I need to connect with again.

Many believe that  if we don’t find something then we will face an apocalypse. An apocalypse is not only defined as the end of the world as the Christians would say.  Predicting an apocalypse is saying we are at a precipice.  The Oxford dictionary defines apocalypse as “an event involving destruction or damage on an awesome or catastrophic scale:… an era of ecological apocalypse.”  Many think we are headed for the ecological apocalypse now.

layersAssuming that is true for the sake of argument then until we start including the externalities of our situation, the unintended consequences of our system, which include the pace of our lives and the lack of connection to each other, as well as the environmental consequences of OUR lifestyles, we are just putting baby fingers in dike holes that are surrounding us and getting taller as we speak. As they say in AA, “More will be revealed.”

What does this have to do with “mental health,” issues?  We are suffering, individually as well as collectively because we are not dealing with the dis-ease we are trying to avoid with the pills in the picture above.

“God is a metaphor for all that is beyond intellectual. It’s that simple.”[2] That is why I cant understand it is what I am longing for so that I  can find some contentment, some peace.

I’m also pretty sad today. I let the my fellow students know that after this quarter I will not be returning to Pacifica Graduate Institute. In my zeal to get enrolled,(I got accepted 2 days before classes started) I did not realize that the PhD that I was pursuing would not allow me to sit for the MFT license in California. I had originally went to college 24 years ago because I wanted to be a therapist.  However, I didn’t follow that path then, and I paid a price for it.  I want to follow that calling now.
boat-beachI also don’t believe that my best place is going to be in academia. I’m a very pragmatic, solutions oriented guy and for me to sit around and talk with a bunch of people who, many of them not being practicing therapists, would probably lead to a high level of frustration for me.  I believe the best healers are “wounded healers” and I definitely have done the work to get the wounded part of that definition met.

I dedicate this post to  Carole, Roman, Ryan, Lacy, Linda, Denise, Tina, Sue, Faith, Jessica, Meg, Lidar, Jeff,  Mary and Ashley.  Thanks! Another thanks to Glen and Al!
[1] James Hillman [2] Joseph Campbell

123 RV, SA, JW.   One other thing. I am not the only person who posts on this blog.  I dont want to put the name of the author of the post as soon as you open up the post, but I will if enough people are confused by this fact.  Right now, it is myself and I write under the moniker shoe1000 only. Then there is “Willem3655” who has put out some pretty awesome, raw posts recently and  the one and only Fanatic, who are also posting here.

Thanks for all of your support.  I know that this topic is difficult.  But it is real!

finger touching nose of baby


6 thoughts on ““It’s the something else we need to get back to,…”

  1. So sorry to hear about the degree and licensing issues. I think as a wounded healer, you would make an awesome therapist.
    I wish you well in whatever comes after PGI!

    • Debra,
      It is a sad thing for me. I met some of the most interesting, soulful, empathetic people and I will not be with them on the journey in academia and more in the depths of the journey to individuation.
      I also know I need to be hands on with people who suffer. Empathy for me is best exhibited through our bodies and more importantly with our eyes. I cant do that teaching, but can by being there for someone. That is why and how AA works. Connection. Thanks as always for your comment. What are your thoughts on Hillman’s quote? That came from a 1995 interview I found on the internet.

      • Jim,
        I can’t imagine having to give up something that means so much and like you say, being in an environment that is caring and soulful.

        Are there other options that will keep you on the same path?

        Yes, the quote is great. I have been giving a lot of thought to the mythologies of our time, and I so agree with you that we’re headed for something, and that there is much that needs to change and the structure of our culture destroys the insides and as well as the outsides. Trying to name it, define it, might suggest that we have a handle on it, or we know what the solution is, but I haven’t see one yet. 🙂


      • I just re-read the whole catalog and they already expect the person who applies to have done the work for licensure. I cant limit that possibility at this time. I would love to. But I also I have made connections elsewhere, like with you, and it really is about seeing what is there for me in all sources, not just academia.

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