“The best….spiritual work we can do…”

incredible-pencil-drawing“… is to withdraw the projection of our shadow onto others.”   When I sent down to write this piece I asked Ggod to lead me where was that I needed to go. So as I was looking through the materials that I use to formulate a post I was led to these words by you. When I first started reading them I started to say how others for project in the shadow on to me, my significant other and a person who is as close to me is anybody else is who is not a significant other.

And as I sit here thinking about what I’m about to write I realize that if anybody is projecting out their shadow out it is gipsy-shljivome. I am withdrawing psychologically, as well as physically from both of them. When the strife comes up, when the conflicts that come about between us happened, I found that I was pointing the finger at them. That always, I mean always, means I am projecting onto them those parts of me that I don’t like.

Or, I may be trying to work out these deep-seated emotional conflicts that persist below the level of my conscious, with the people who were my mentors, role models, when I was growing up.

yi-coconut-seller-hainan-china“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”So what usually happens when I start behaving like that. I start acting like I was when I was in my pre-teenage years. That’s when I started dissociating and that’s when I started using drugs and that’s when I started living in a world of my own imagination.

It’s not negative to live in a world of imagination, sometimes! The problem is is when I live in the world of imagination all the time, I usually am not productive in my outside life. It may be wonderfully entertaining for myself to live in this world but I sort of become immobilized when I do that!

an-elderly-man-fairyartos“There’s no coming to consciousness without pain.” So I get to have this  pain! This pain of where I was on Monday just laying on the bed wailing and crying. The reason I was wailing and crying is not as significant, what is significant is that I will was not allowing myself to express the feelings that were around that event so I stuffed them as is my norm, and then I acted them out in a way that wasn’t helpful for me. It wasn’t harmful to others. What it was just me just living in the world of my imagination and becoming immobilized again.

faces-old-man-color-pencil-dirk-dzimirsky“The true leader is always led.” Alright I’m asking Ggod. Please lead me out of this because I can’t do this on my own


All quotes by Carl Jung.

Thanks to Ajaytoa for all of the beautiful pictures and drawings.

123 RV, SA!  Forgiveness comes from the inside of the mirror when  you look  at it.



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