A friend has a question?

unto-oblivion-happy-machinesI am so sick and tired of this.  Looking out the window of my house.  feeling unable to talk.  Being unable to talk.

And just relax.  Just accept.  I know I need to stop struggling against this thing.  This depression this anxiety.

 old-stairway-salerano-italy-adina-buligaI breathe and and breathe again.  I cannot live like this.  I need to do something and I do not know what the is.

What is I do.  What is it?  How long can I care on like this.  No joy.  No happiness.  Nothing but anxiety.

 I was not born feeling like this,  And I have not lived my whole life like this.  I need guidance and yet I know I am the only one who can move me forward.  GOd and me.  Me and God.

 through-the-windowTo whoever reads this post, tell me something that will get me throughout this day.  I cannot do this on my own and I feel completely alone.

This post is by my friend Willem3655.

123 RV, SA.   Forgiveness starts with ourselves.




4 thoughts on “A friend has a question?

  1. Extreme anxiety and deep depression are 2 things I struggle with and have railed against. It’s terribly uncomfortable. I’ve gone hiking. I’ve laid on the couch w headphones playing meditation music. I’ve written thousands of text messages to my dear friend. I’ve written my pain on the blog. Sometimes those things help and sometimes they don’t. Somehow I carried on in my discomfort. I hope you can too. It’s not easy! Like others have said..you are not alone! Be kind to yourself whenever you can. Keep writing. Keep reaching out.

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