“Our life is psychological, and the purpose of life….”

ripples-blue-pretend-smelling-ultimately “…is to make psyche of it, to find connections between life and soul.” I sit here in California.  It is quiet on this “religious,” holiday.  I put quotes around the description of the day, because the day really is nothing more than an affirmation that I live in a monotheistic world.

I dont feel comfortable in it any more.  Saying that there is only one true creator is presumptuous, if not arrogant.  I am not  interested in a dialogue with the true “believers,” as this monotheistic paradigm is exclusive. I have learned in these last few years that any paradigm that espouses absolutes, is exclusive.  When it espouses absolutes, it then has to set up a dualistic[1] form of imagining the world to be able to justify their world view.

praising-mantisWhat is missing in the world today?  As we celebrate this day, more and more are getting “mental health,” problems.  Anxiety, depression, etc.  We are not even including the physical manifestations of the dis-ease such as food disorders, alcohol and other drug use which are increasing, especially the legal drug abuse.   What are we doing, when we see the problems?  Giving everyone “mothers little helpers.” Trying to again mask the symptoms in the person so that they can get back to work, be productive.  Be a ‘contributing member of society.’

At what cost? What do we do, besides drugging ourselves?

reflections“History is one way of making a gestalt: historical references, figures from the past release the foreground event from being stuck in only what it says it is.”  One of my biggest problems is I feel disconnected from life.  I feel like I live in this bubble and that I do as my friend Paul would say, “I bump into other people’s bubbles,” and call that life.  What is so interesting is that I studied and yet I cant instinctually or intuitively look to history for help when I struggle to make meaning out of the moment or the day when life is more of a challenge.

.Interestingly, religion is nothing more than a myth being repeated long enough to where it becomes historical.  So here is the struggle for me in this journey of becoming who I really am, growing into the true me.  I have no connection, in effect I am saying that I dont feel whole.  Because when I am with you, I am only manifesting that part of me that needs to be mirrored, to be consoled, nurtured, loved.

normal1-e1385992240158So I am developing this culture for myself where I seek to create those vessels for myself that allow me to not be governed by my fears, i.e., my neuroses.  It is not a simple thing for me to accomplish.  I need help doing it.  That is where religion comes in. But not a religion that says it is “the” only true Ggod in this infinite place called earth.

I dont know what it is that I am seeking, or maybe just haven’t yet seen, but I know it cant be a dualistic patriarchy that is exclusive in it’s world view.

Merry Christmas!

123 RV, SA!   Forgiveness is to heal the heart, permission is to keep the mind satiated.

Quotes by James Hillman. [1]If we cant see the damage of duality, I will give you two examples of it.  Osama Bin Laden and Adolf Hitler. They made the Americans and the Jews the evil ones.



One thought on ““Our life is psychological, and the purpose of life….”

  1. What are we thinking by drugging ourselves out of our human beingness? Does it not occur to us that there just isn’t some predisposed illness that justifies using chemical cocktails to cure our ills?

    I have a friend whose child has been taking anti-psychotics since he was 18 mos old! How can drugging a child day in and day out be the solution for symptoms don’t even have the chance to show up anymore?

    I, too, have issues with monotheism and organized religion, yet, I still believe in the divinity of creation. Monotheism and Christianity, at least the way it is usually understood, are more about worshipping the bible and believing that we mortals cannot personally experience the divine. Nonsense, I say. The utter fact of our being is an experience of divinity.

    You’re not alone and your struggles mirror mine and likely many others.

    The interesting thing about Christmas is how it easily morphed into a secular holiday, because we haven’t any interest, on the collective level anyway, in questioning what we are really doing.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts here. I’m glad that you are not afraid to speak up!
    Merry Christmas and warm wishes for a happy New Year.

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