“When the dominant vision that holds a period of culture together…”

IMG00282…cracks, consciousness regresses into earlier containers,…”[2] It could be argued that the vision of our culture is cracking.  There is more alcoholism than ever, “mental health,” issues are increasing significantly and the American dream is harder and harder to attain.

I see alcoholism and “mental health,” issues as a place where  the collective consciousness is regressing into. I did it.  I went into drug use, (and I bunch together alcohol with any other drug,)  way younger than you might imagine.  I dont know if I am an exception to the rule, because as Hillman says, “Expectations that are only statistical are no longer human,” but I was dissociating from a very, very early age.  I hope that you didnt have to do that.

catseye3_hst_960But I did.  So I tried to compensate for that split off by excelling in academia.  I did until the balance in my family of origin changed and then I was no longer able to do that.  So I went into the only cultural vessel I knew, altered conscious by the chemical method, to escape and try to avoid the psychic pain that I was carrying.

“…seeking sources for survival which also offer sources of revival.”[2]  Drugs didnt offer me revival.  They did offer me “survival,” as being drugged out was better than having to be present for those parts of my life that I  dissociated from.

Inside OrionOne cant remember the events that are experienced if to do so would create a psychotic break.  That is what would have happened to me and a few of  my friends who I grew up with.  Wait a minute, I would not have hung out with people who didn’t have the same sort of psychic pain that I did!  Renee, Frankie, Lisa, Derek just to  name a few.  We all suffered from sort of abuse,  which of course we never talked about.  We just kept self medicating!

So the question I  ponder today is what sources are available to us for the revival that we need as a culture?  I am not the best at creating solutions, I am really here to pose the questions and seek the input of all of the lovely sources of soul that I am fortunate enough to share this space and time with.

n2359Thor_mazlin900“Until you make the unconscious conscious,  will direct your life and you will call it fate.”[1] If you dont believe this is happening, ask yourself if you are doing what you really wanted to do in this life.  I went to school 24 years ago with the idea of becoming a psychologist and abandoned that when my inferiority complex got assauged by a professor who told me that I would be a good attorney.

My friends know this, and I might have said it here before, but when I told my therapist Erica that I was going to law school, for an instant she winced.  Of course like a good therapist, she then gave me positive reinforcement, but I saw that look and didnt give it any creedence.  Wow, was she ever correct!

butterfly mobile[1] C. Jung  [2] James Hillman.  It was actually one quote from Hillman. “When the dominant vision that holds a period of culture together cracks, consciousness regresses into earlier containers, seeking sources for survival which also offer sources of revival.

123 RV  Forgiveness is about absolving me of the unrealistic expectations I project onto the other.  Needing permission is about not honoring the others’ autonomy.



One thought on ““When the dominant vision that holds a period of culture together…”

  1. Solutions? You want me to come up with solutions? That’s a scary thought. Seriously, though, I don’t have an answer, but you’ve given me something to think about.

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