The End of the Innocence

u-send-me-an-angel-quemasI walk and I walk

and I hope that one day

I find someone who lives the way

that their lips move and  say

and I hope and pray that it wont come to pass

that not everyone I meet will be made of glass


However, it will come to be that no one can truly live as they say

But they can only walk with the same feet of  clay

that it seems that we all have at the end  of the day

But when it comes to pass

that they cant live in their house of glass

When the glass hits my shoulder

and it stings and it hurts


The secret is to get up and move

and not to think twice

about where I have been

and where I have to go


because they will help me lose that part

that part of me that  still believes that people

are of virtue when they say that they are

IMme 14*******

this is not to say that you are not of love

but there seems to be things that we cant rise above

when the fear starts to come in and there is no air

we will say what we “need to,”

so that we will be treated the way we think is fair!

breath peet blue********

Sad to say that this is the norm,

but it is

More sad to me

This seems to be the acceptable way

of making the best of our day


123 RV, JW  Forgiveness means looking at someone after they have lied to you and saying that you forgive them.

finger touching nose of baby


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