“You are more than what you think you are.”

frog-under-umbrella-penkdix-palmeI see this quote and I wonder.  What is the reason that I continue to limit myself with my dis-ease, not because of it, but with it.

I remember seeing a child who I am very close to and marveling at their ability to just be.  I would watch them when they didnt know I was looking and observe them freely moving into action based on what seemed to be their imagination. We never talked about it.  I didnt want to make an experience from intuition become an experience from the rational mind so I would try real hard not to be observed while they were imagining.

cute-kitten-praysIn contrast, I was watching the leprechaun today as he was making tea and doing all the activities associated with that.  He was unaware of my presence as I was observing him.  I remember thinking about how constricted his actions seemed.  It was almost like he was unable to make any movements because of his body being so tight, so taught.  We talked about it afterwords and  he acknowledged that he was “hunched over,” all the time and that he felt compelled to act in a mechanical, almost machine like way.

20131022-142747.jpgYet there are times when he dances and it is a sight to see.  He is an 89 year old man by the way.

“Imagination is going on all the time.” I am just going to think out loud.  If this quote is true, why am I not conscious of it?  I think it is because I have so overbalanced onto the rational side of me that I am unaware of the imagination.  Worse yet, I think it is my rumination or obsessive, “monkey mind,” place I get to a lot that keeps me from seeing the intuitive world I live in.

When I was a kid, I would see that the adults in my life would not talk about many things and the things they talked about,  they talked about a lot.  In today’s terminology, they were obsessive.  I have taken that to an extreme at times.  It is almost always when I am in fear.  My default position used to be total fear all the time.  Now it is less.  It is still not where I want it to be, but I am getting better.

20131021-200531.jpg“The soul wants it’s images to be enjoyed and respected.” One of the problems we have is that we have very little true culture left. (I wont give examples of what  is being couched as culture.)

As I write, I wonder what it is in society that benefits from the lack of culture. Why do we settle for things that pass as culture?

How does your soul’s images get shown to the world?

123 R.V.  Forgiveness is about projecting my soul.

All quotes by James Hillman



2 thoughts on ““You are more than what you think you are.”

  1. “As I write, I wonder what it is in society that benefits from the lack of culture. Why do we settle for things that pass as culture?”
    I wonder too. I try not to settle, but that does not change the world or create culture.
    Perhaps it’s not any one thing that confuses or destroys culture, but cumulative. Have we become too cynical to allow anything in, especially in the immediate way that a child does? Technology has saturated our senses with mediated experience, tele-vision (and I don’t mean only TV).
    Perhaps we’re at risk of watching what is outside of us to the point that we never feel that we’re in anything, or maybe can’t see where or what we’re in. We don’t perceive our own participation when things are always out there happening to someone else. Are we then the aliens?
    Who can have culture when more and more we are living with distances that prevent us from being touched (psychically as well as geographically)?
    I think of culture as being contained, organic and having roots. But, how can we think ourselves into a culture?
    We can’t, and you’re right, we’re more than what we think.

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