‘Words, like angels, are powers…”

transparent-river-malaysia“….which have invisible power over us.”[1]

“You look like shit.” “Are you better yet?” ” I used to feel that way.” “You just need to write a gratitude list.” “Have you tried therapy?” “You need to quit taking the meds and work the steps.” “You need to get into more service.” “Pull yourself up by your bootstraps.”

head-in-the-clouds“For we have confused something sick with something wrong.” [2]Whoa! Wait a minute, you mean my depression is not a character defect of mine. Well if you listen to my friends, many of them continue to see it as something that is really wrong with me. I was talking to a friend of mine who said he could not understand what depression was and could not sympathize with me. But when he found out Bill W. (who is a co-founder of A.A.)had it for years and that Bill could not function in the outer world for years at a time, he said that he was able to accept that it was a real affliction.

lake-louise-alberta-canada-nik-chavannes“Afflictions give me the convincing delusion of being different.” [3] In the world we live in today, the world of duality, an affliction has a moral judgment to it. Think of the groups of people that are seen as different. Islamist fundamentalists, communists, perpetrators. Yes I did go to the farthest deviations from what we perceive as normal, but it is not so significant a stretch to say that we can perceive people who have “mental illnesses,” as serious deviants from the norm. Many think it is really a cover for many other character defects. So many people have said to me that they thought that if Ijust did something, examples of which were in the first part of this post, that I would be through my depression as if I could just work my way through it like it is like some sort of homework assignment.

rainforest-in-fog1So there is enmity for people who suffer from “mental illness.” I am sure not as much as for the groups I listed in the prior paragraph, but there is an underlying criticism,whether it is manifested individually or towards a group, but it is there for people who have “mental illnesses.”

marta-blue-prelude-mel“The soul sees by means of affliction.” [4] What is “mental illness?” I say that for me, it is those “deep seated…emotional conflicts that persist below the level of consciousness,” that haunt the shit out of me and of those who suffer also. I am not saying that that is the only cause, but I can tell you from experience that I am not the only one who suffers from those conflicts.

fontaine-pc3a9trifiante-rc3a9otier-hautes-alpes-france-deniseBut it is the affliction which is seen as the negative. So if you remove the symptoms of the affliction you will get better? I leave the answer up to you for yourself.

[1] James Hillman Re-Visioning Psychology pg. 9 [2] Id. pg. 83

[3] Id.pg. 105 [4]Id. pg. 107
123 RV. Forgiveness is learned from the person in the mirror



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