“He who joyfully marches to music rank and file….”

20131023-075543.jpg… has already earned my contempt.”  Einstein said this in relation to people following certain leaders without questioning what they were doing at the time.  However, it is just as relevant to how we march in this culture to the paradigm that has been created.
Blindly and without question I went off to college and then eventually law school.   I chose to practice criminal defense because in my mind I was able to be an attorney without buying into the reality that I was becoming a follower of the masses.  Sure I didnt watch TV or belong to the Country Club, but I still worked like a slave to try and acquire those things in life that we “think,” are why we are here.

lady-bug-andrew-scottBut at what cost?
“Sometimes, the genius seems to show only in symptoms and disorders, as a kind of preventive medicine, holding you back from a false route.”[1]  This is what happened for me.  I was brought to my knees, metaphorically, by my depression.  I was devastated in the sense that everything that I  thought was important was stripped away from me.
Yet, I hold myself out that this route, this studying of the underlying theories behind the psychology of my and my cultures dis-ease, was what I have been led here to do.  It is somewhat apropos that I went back to college over 20 years to study psychology.  But you see, I didnt think the mental disorders and difficulties of others was relavant to me.  My ego said that I was better than that.  Little did I realize that I was just acting in the way that many of us do who believe that  all of those maladies dont apply to us.  I remember consciously saying that I was tired of listening to other people’s problems.

20130606-220748I thought I had worked through those issues.  You see, I had gotten sober, been in therapy for years, worked on my ACA and SIA issues and had healed!  Like the journey to wholeness is a finite, fixed course and result!
“Common sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by age eighteen.”[2] This qoute is here because I am owning that my ignorance of my vulnerability to the events of my  life in my youth was created by my fear.  I was so afraid to tell you that I didnt have a clue about how to live my life.  I didnt know how to deal with those paRedwood Skyins and fears.
How many of us feel isolated, disconnected, alone yet smile and say everything is “fine?”  My depression was and is me keeping to myself, depressing, those events that have harmed me and where I have harmed others.
How many of us really want to hear our friends talk of suicide?  Do we want to have the fact that we are living isolated lives.  Can you hear your friends, lovers, family members pain and not try to fix it so you dont have to feel yours?

How many of us want to see the world outside of us being driven by consumption and concomitant isolation because we feel like we are failing at the rat race?
What is the reason that we see the dis-ease around us and dont say STOP!   I am doing this, getting an education, to hopefully heal my “wounds,” and to understand yours.   If and when I do this, I believe we can make this thing called life be a more alive, present, conscious experience.

300px-Kissing_Prairie_dog_edit_3We are disconnected from our self because we have learned that  the rational is to be fostered at the expense of the creative and intuitive.  We have decided that those qualities of life that are not beneficial in an economic sense are not valuable.  We only value things that can show our march step following of the ways of the world.  We do this at the expense of a live fully lived.
[1] James Hillman [2] Albert Einstein

123 RV.  Forgiveness is about the “man in the mirror.”  Permission is about not looking at him.


If you dont know who the little owl is above, his name is J2.  He was named after ajaytao2010, who is so gracious as to share wonderful pictures like the one of J2 with all of us.  Visit his blog.


2 thoughts on ““He who joyfully marches to music rank and file….”

  1. “My depression was and is me keeping to myself, depressing, those events that have harmed me and where I have harmed others.”
    Very insightful… a lot to think about here, thanks!

  2. “We are disconnected from our self because we have learned that
    the rational is to be fostered at the expense of the creative and intuitive.” – this is really spot on.

    Really, I have wondered zillion of times: What makes people continue after all with this cheap mummery,
    despite knowing the how things are…?

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