“Whoever undertakes to set himself up as a judge…”

lake-vyrnwy-mid-wales-barry-price …of Truth and Knowledge is shipwrecked by the laughter of the gods.”[1]

“When we are told what is healthy we are being told what is right to think and feel.”   So often I have an idea of what people should do. One of the saddest moments for me in the last year or so was when my friend told me that I had told them not to take anti-depressants.

children-playing-bzylaNow I realize that when faced with my own fear, I “re-act,” to the stimulation that brings up the fear.  I become unconscious, since I dont have a lot of experience of taking care of myself when it comes to how quality of life decisions are made.  I then usually blurt out what I have heard in the past or what I think I am supposed to say.  I then hope you are not going to see that I dont know what I am talking about and that I am just trying to get you to not question my opinion.

maze-drew-hopper“Symptoms, not therapists, led this century to soul.”I am sad that we still look to people with initials behind their name to lead us to health.  We think, because we have made the rational mind our higher power, that only people who are educated can help us.
The best healers I know are people who have empathy, conscious relationships with their friends and family, and truly can stay present, that is to stay out of their own ego.

Some of the most disturbed people I know are in the healing professions.

wooden-boat-victoriajz“The healer is the illness and the illness is the healer.” A wounded healer is the kind of healer I am led to.  When people tell me how much they have suffered, I am more apt to become open with them.  If they tell me how much they know about what I should do, then I usually start to shut down and become reserved.  I connect to Hillman and Jung because they both had an idea of  their wounds and limitations.

the-dusks-of-fall-john-adams“Let us see pathologizing as a mode of speech.” Let us see saying that we suffer from depression as something that is as accepted as saying we have cancer or some other malady.

Let me tell you why I am scared to say something to you that might help me. I am wounded to the level  of my soul.  I am scared to tell you that I am so wounded because you might laugh or disavow what I say.

If you want evidence of the manic state of normalcy just watch and listen to the talking heads on the radio and TV.  They think that every little event, whether it being the snafus on signing  up for “Obamacare,” or the difference that Sarah Palin was to the status quo politically were the end of the world. (I am neither a Palin or Obama fan  by the way.)

123 RV.  Forgiveness, its all about forgiveness.

[1] Albert Einstein, all other quotes by James Hillman.

I may not post as much for the next 4 or 5 days.  I am going to school!



8 thoughts on ““Whoever undertakes to set himself up as a judge…”

  1. Very good post. Yes, I think we are as much a healer to ourselves as any other person. Have you read “The Wounded Healer”, by Nouwen? You might like it. I was trained as a hospital chaplain and took what is called C.P..E., Clinical Pastoral Education. We were taught that unless we were aware of our own “woundedness”, we would never be able to help others. I think you’re adivce to your firend was spot-on. God bless.

  2. Much of my healing has and continues to come from healing the language, both how I use it and hear it. Listening to the words I and others use and considering what those words truly convey. To say or even to know what I mean, feel, sense or even know calls for more reflection on my part and a curiosity about language and especially metaphor. When I was younger, struggling daily to even want to be alive, I hated language. It seemed to let me down because there were no words I could find to say why or how I felt so bad and it seemed, no one was listening anyway. But it is my sense and understanding and ability to use langauge that I needed more than anything. Not that talking is a cure, but deepening my language skills and learning to talk and listen, were things I was/am deeply afraid of.
    Best wishes with school!

    • You always say it so well. I appreciate your willingness to be vulnerable in this forum. We can stay protected in the physical sense when we are here, but not so much in the emotional and psychological sense. You are a wonder full ally who I am lucky to know.

      • You’re welcome. Thank you for those kind words. Likewise, I look forward to reading your insights and admire how much vulnerability you share in your writing.

  3. I wish you knew how very dear you are to all of us who count as your friends. That glorious laugh and the sparkle in your eye mean the world to me. Because of you, we are never alone. Enjoy school and love yourself! You are on the right path.

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