“Every part of our personality that we do not love….

will become hostile to us.”(1)photo-82

What a statement! I think that some  of  my Christian friends will probably take issue with this.  I appreciate it and invite the dialogue.  But as James Hillman has said, we are not owning our shadow and it is harming our culture.  I invite anyone who disagrees with this to comment on this blog.

I talk about depression in myself as if it is separate from the dis-ease that many of us suffer from in my culture.  I am learning that more and more of us suffer and we dont have a collective movement to try and heal what we suffer from.  Depression is one of the fastest growing health issues.  Notice I did not say “mental health,” issues.  I dont believe it is a mental health issue and havent for a while.

9d9e_1If it is not a mental health issue then what is it?  I always refer everyone in AA to the statement that I suffer from ‘Deep  seated, quite forgotten at times, emotional conflicts that persist below the level of consciousness.’  (paraphrasing)

frog-under-umbrella-penkdix-palmeOkay mister shoe1000, what are we going to do about them.  I have experienced many different forms of “self-help,” and dont think that laying out mine as “the” answer helps anyone.  So I always say to others, what have you done to get relief from those conflicts inside that make you act in ways you are not proud of.


I have done many things in my recovery and hopefully will be fortunate to do many more.  What I am posing to you today is a call to you to tell me what you have done to get relief, not on a short term basis, but on a long term basis from those conflicts that drive us to do things that we dont like and are not proud of.

Thank you to all who have wished me Happy Birthday!

Help me Mr. Wizard!

(1) Robert Bly

123 R.V.  “Its about forgiveness, forgiveness, even if, even if you dont love me anymore.” Don Henley



3 thoughts on ““Every part of our personality that we do not love….

  1. These are my strategies pretty much in order: 1. Staying closely connected to God. 2. Exercising. 3. Facing the parts of my own behavior that cause me trouble. 4. Getting enough sleep. 5. Distraction. 6.Helping others. 7.Doing something creativity. 8 Watching the words I speak. 9. Keeping my thoughts in check. 10. Not putting anyone on a pedestal, least of all myself. There you are.

  2. I guess each and all of us have different ways of coping. I a) write poetry b) paint and c) try to surround myself with loving people and d) do not give a damn anymore about what we are supposed to do or to be in this comerzialised world. It is me who holds my life in hand and I am responsible for living a life that does not make me or us sick. It is a difficult path of also saying goodbye to wanting to achieve something or being “someone”. As long as you do not recognize yourself you wil always seek salvation in the outside – and not seeking it outside is the most difficult part, I believe. And the pain a lot of people suffer from these days in our western societies (and also others) comes often from having to fit in, instead of finding a way that life fits you 🙂 As always: love reading your thought-provoking posts!

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