The sexual fascination is the soul trying to get out….

300px-Kissing_Prairie_dog_edit_3…and get into something other than itself.”(1)
“Soulmates.” “Meant to be together.” “Better half.”
All of these mystical connections between partners or lovers.
When in reality it’s nothing more than someone we’re wanting to be intimate with, to have a deep, close, sensual, emotional, connection with. Fixation on the sexual conquest or experience is nothing more than looking for a deep, lasting, connection, but because we don’t have this connection with our self we confuse or mistake or try to replace that connection we so strongly desire with another, with our conquests.

are-you-sittingI can say that in this journey into the “darkness,” I have learned more about my self sexually then I learned in my whole life.
It is not been easy either. This lack of connection to that part of me that does not reflect the mires or images of what I’m supposed to be Is difficult to stay with enough to experience myself differently than I have before.
I don’t know if anything I just wrote in this last paragraph makes any sense but I hope someone can understand it.

“Purists are deadly, and so they know all about deadly sins.”(1) This reminds me of that Jimmy Carter saying I think he said right after he became president. He said “I have sinned in my mind,” when he thought about other women besides Mrs. Carter. That is the most perfect example I can think of of how the Puritan dogma still dominates culture. To say because I have a sexual idea I have somehow committed something that will put me in hell or is something I have to get relief or absolution about is nothing more than an outdated attempt to control our actions so that they dont upset those who cant express themselves.

132985810276kXHC“If we could recover the imaginal we must first recover its organ, the heart, and its kind of philosophy.(1)Why is it that Hillman says this? I was reading a wonderful article by a lady named Laura Kerr who talked about what has or is happening to us as far as ability to be empathetic and in other words to show compassion.

photoI was talking with the leprechaun about it and we talked about the trauma that we are experiencing and which continues to increase every day, makes us almost immune to or unable to empathize with those who we see suffer. It is a rare friend who can truly sit with another friend and watch them go through their deep psychological pain. Trauma kept in the body leads to patholoy of some sort, and the realquestion is to what extent and how deep it is going to affect those who carry it.

baby-wolves“Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts.” (2) We have got this so back asswards. We are so concerned with GDP and the economy we forget to realize that we are only here for this brief moment.

(1) James Hillman(2) Albert Einstein

Say a prayer for the Fanatic if you would! Forgiveness I dont understand, permission I feel I need!



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