Abraham, Martin, and John


Do you see the complete harmony between central dictatorship, fascism, political callousness, and the self-centeredness of the spiritual point of view?”
Are we in this place today? We definitely have in the United States a political callousness that I haven’t seen in my lifetime. Many would argue that our form of government is becoming a central dictatorship.
But the thing I want to talk about I will only do anecdotally from my experience in AA. It is the self-centeredness of the spiritual gurus in this culture as exemplified by those in AA who consider themselves spiritual gurus.

It is been my opinion for a long time that I can’t “act”spiritually.
The question that I always ask of people is what in their actions made it a spiritual act, what did it feel like to do a spiritual act?

Again, I can’t act from a spiritual place. I can act from an Emotional place. I can act in ways that are loving, where I act kindly, where I am empathetic. Notice that all of those terms are verbs.


“When the dominant vision that holds a period of culture together cracks, consciousness regresses into earlier containers, seeking sources for survival which also offer sources of revival.” Why is depression doubling in the next 20 years? Why is it that so many people struggle today financially, emotionally, socially?
This is because we are at a point where the paradigm of this culture is cracking?
I think it is. I was watching a video that I have on the resource page of this blog today, and the lecturer was talking about how people are in “depressive states,” Instead of having a maladie that is forever and it is called depression.
The leprechaun was critiquing the lecturer’s style, and that reinforced for me that the lecturer was effective in stating that depression is a transitory phase for most of us, rather than a permanent state.
Why is it that so many of us are afflicted with it at this period of time in my culture?
I wish I had “the” answer, but I don’t think that I do. I do however think that “we,” can come up with solutions that are helpful, to make it so that we all don’t feel so isolated from love, intimacy, and the true experience of life. I truly believe that the core problem of our dis- ease in our culture is lack of connection

Title is from the song by Dion.
Quotes by James Hillman
123 RV. Forgiveness comes from emotional healing, permission comes from Emotional neediness




4 thoughts on “Abraham, Martin, and John

  1. Here are a few spiritual behaviors: Internal process of seeking personal authenticity, genuineness & wholeness;
    Sense of connectedness to self & others through relationship & community; Deriving meaning, purpose & direction in life; Valuing the sacred; Qualities of love, compassion & equanimity; A way of knowing and of being in the world;
    An inner moral orientation; A source of connection that brings faith, hope, peace & empowerment; A capacity for integrity, wholeness, openness, self-responsibility and authentic self-transcendence. (Astin et al, 2011)

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