“Good” is no longer good when one’s neighbor mouths it.”

20131016-113456.jpg“One must shed the bad taste of wanting to agree with many” I am just writing to express my trepidation about continuing on with education. I have a J.D and a B.A., Now I am enrolled in a Ph.D. program. I have listened to a couple of the lectures, on MP3 no less, and I have this fear in the back of my head that I am about to embark on the journey of trying to spit stuff back to people to make them think I agree with them. That was what law school was. No, that is what the law is. My friends will tell you that I am not very good at doing this stuff. Not that I cant do it, I assimilate and blend in when I need to but I dont do it well.

Angry boyBut this is where I am. Graduate school, depth psychology, seems to be about explaining with the mind what is unexplainable. I love to use fancy words as much as the next guy but I am really interested in learning how to help people heal the wound that so many of us walk around with. I see so many successful people, doctors, lawyers and the real people, suffering from their psychic soul wounds. Depression is nothing more than a soul wound that has gotten to the point where the unconscious can no longer be shoved down, disowned or not listened to. I know people I have known for over 40 years who suffer like they did when we met. I do. But I am afraid that I am going to do like the Indigo Girls says and spend ” four years prostrate to the higher mind , got my paper, and I was free,” and then realize that I spent a whole bunch of time getting a useless education.

fjord“And how should there be a “common good”! The term contradicts itself: whatever can be common always has little value”. That is the key. Anthony de Mehlo said that less than 1 in 100,000 people are wiling to look at themselves. To see what it is that they do in life. We need to connect again as people. I need to reach out to those who need me to be there. I am good at doing it locally, but I want to help those people who dont know how to reach out. I want to heal the world. I know, I know, that is the craziest idea every. And?

Fred, Dick, Ben and Peet“In the end it must be as it is and always has been: great things remain for the great, abysses for the profound, nuances and shudders for the refined, and, in brief, all that is rare for the rare.”It is not going to be the Barack Obamas who heal the world. It is going to more be the Hillman’s, Campbells’, the Springsteens of the world who change it. It is not from the mind where the solutions are going to come from.

It is going to be from the people who have the courage to finally stand up and say no more. No more willingness to live a life of disconnection for the sake of material. No more rational at the price of the intuition.

326684123 RV. Forgiveness comes from the soul. The need for permission comes from the mind.
Fear or love.

All quotes from Friedrich Nietzsche”Beyond Good and Evil”

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8 thoughts on ““Good” is no longer good when one’s neighbor mouths it.”

  1. You are embarking on the road less traveled. It’s a choice of will that few will ever take. This is that narrow road that mythology speaks of, discovering at times that no road exists at all. Don’t be afraid. You are not alone.
    Self-terrorized beings: Fear is the obstacle within us all that can be overcome. Tao Te Ching says, “the journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step”. However, interpretation over the course of thousands of years, the most important part was lost; “First there must be stillness”. If there is not stillness first, one will spend a lifetime traveling in circles, never beginning the journey that was intended.

    If your path has led you to Pacifica, a voice tells me you’ve made the right choice. Good luck on your continued journey.

  2. there is a raw honesty here that I am drawn to so I am now a intrigued follower, a degreed healer with all sorts of wounds and shadows. I adore Jung and would gladly take classes for you, but this is your path, not mine. enjoy what behold you and mine it for all it is worth through your unique lens.

    in light,


  3. “Depression is a soul wound.” So true – battered, bruised, hemorrhaging. Have you read anything on depression as “spiritual warfare?” If that works for your courses now, or your PhD, check out Barbara Dent’s “My Only Friend is Darkness” and “The Marriage of All and Nothing.” Good luck; I’m with you in spirit.

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