Take the long way home!

Well, I got accepted into graduate school. My major is Depth psychology with a Jungian and Archetypal focus.
I don’t really like to talk about myself unless it’s in relationship to depression. So what I will tell you is what has happened for me since I found out I was accepted.
One of the things I did in my application process was to inform the school of this blog. The professor who interviewed me read the blog. When I was talking with her I felt fine. Then, after I got off the phone the emotions and vulnerability started coming up.

Interestingly enough, when I need to talk about you, it is easy. However, when I need to talk about me it is extremely difficult As a child it wasn’t easy to defend myself for what I had done or Usually what I had not done. I have taken that into my adult life and still struggle with it even after all the work I’ve done.


Interestingly, right now I’m sitting outside a hospital as a helicopter ambulance is taking someone from this hospital to another hospital. I’m wondering what the metaphor is?
And as I speak right now the helicopters lifting off right over my head and shaking the car. Wonder Full!


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