“Shame is a soul eating emotion.”


A friend of mine sent this to me today earlier and a text message. I’m not really interested in my own comments about it, I want to know what other people think about this issue.

“Do you ever suddenly become aware of yourself? I’m sitting here reading a book and suddenly I feel panicked. I feel my weight on the couch and it’s too much. I picture my work schedule next week and it’s too much. I loom around my messy house and realize I don’t clean enough. Literally in an instant I am crying when 2 seconds ago I was lost in someone else’s words. ”

What say you blog world?

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9 thoughts on ““Shame is a soul eating emotion.”

  1. We are emotional beings, as such, there’s not really much controlling what and when we feel, we experience emotion first and then evaluate; such is nature. I hope you can always let go of things that hurt you. Hugs

  2. Work daily on learning to let go of things you – work in progress – working on it one day at a time. Don’t let your guard down. Hold your head high!

  3. I’m not sure where the “shame” part of the title came into play? Regardless, we numb ourselves in all sorts of ways – a shield, protection, distance – then the emotions pour in. We need to sit with them for awhile.

    • I am wondering what caused the change in thought that produced such a significant alteration of reality and belief.
      It had to be motivated by the unconscious. That place where those “deep-seated, sometimes quite forgotten, emotional conflicts persist below the level of consciousness.”
      My understanding of the event is that the person went from being okay to suddenly being not okay. That comes from a core belief,unless we can point to a specific stimulus which causes the fight or flight mentality.

      • May be simply situational? Andy why does feeling anxious or not feeling good enough have to be “not okay,” as opposed to something we need to experience at that moment? Just some thoughts out loud, from a brain still on vacation. It’s good to be back.

  4. And I thought I was alone. 🙂 This kind of thing happens to me more than infrequently — and it has much to do with shame, with feeling like I’m not enough, not efficient enough, not productive enough, not strong enough, not “good” enough. This experience also occurs for me when things don’t go as smoothly as I plan and I feel disappointed, pressured or scared. It could be from a phone call, a text or a memory that pops up. As I continue to simplify my life and face my insides, the voice’s hold weakens its grasp. Still, it has not yet been conquered. Thank you for sharing this gem.

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