“Whatever is rejected from the self,


 appears in the world as an event.”
This is what I think James Hillman is talking about when he’s talking about the pathologies of the illness of our culture.
So what is the pathologies of our illness? Is it the lack of connection between people, the lack of caring for people we see who suffer?
I only see a little part of the world. I only see hands full of people on a regular basis. Am I seeing the exception to the rule, or am I seeing the norm of society?
It’s hard to feel confident in any sort of understanding about the disease on the local level because there’s insufficient information and insufficient data for me to say that I see it going on across the board.
Yet when I read about the increased use of antidepressants, and other drugs used to try to help people to cope, I have to say to myself that there is something going on beyond my little vision of what is the mental, no, the emotional disease that we suffer with. 
As I watch and read people like Joseph Campbell and James Hillman talk about what they see to be the issues I can’t help but think that part of my culture wants us to be this way.
I was watching a presentation by Hillman on myth and imagination and psychology in the world today. He posited a theory that it is not only the secular that wants our mythical world to be destroyed, but it is the religious sector of the world that wants the mythical connection between God’s like Apollo, Zeus and the other Greek and Roman gods to be wiped off the face of the earth historically and imaginatively. 
It makes sense that any religion that says you can only pray to one Ggod  would want to wipe off the face of the earth any other icon that could be seen as having any power in our world. 
Please understand that I am not looking to single out anything unless that thing is part of the emotional illness that is killing my society. 
Because if it is, then I don’t care who it is. There is no power so great as for me to want to harm others or let others harm me. 
As I set out on this journey of more education, I can’t help but feel that much of what I’m about to go through is just another hoop to jump through like law school was, like college was, like higher education in the United States in 2013  
I was talking with the leprechaun today, and I spoke about how I believe that the world needs help. And I either have enough stupidity, or blind faith and courage, to believe that I can help change the world. 
So now that I’ve said what I just said, I feel very Vulnerable Yet I think there is a blind ignorance that I carry about what I’m doing being important. I lived the first half of my life trying to please other people. I hope and pray that I can Live the second half of my life trying to help people instead of helping them get advantages in situations where they many times didn’t deserve them. 
123 RV. Forgiveness comes from your soul, permission comes from the mine

6 thoughts on ““Whatever is rejected from the self,

    • What happens to me when I don’t make connection? I’m left with the mind, a collection of my memory Of events in the past which the Counting Crows so rightfully say is nothing but “films about ghosts.”
      Thanks for your comment

      • If it is a need that cannot be filled, then we are left with being less than whole. When we are less than whole we will find something that will either mitigate that or make it so it doesn’t exist in the moment.
        The first question is what is the need, the second question is how we going to fill them?
        I don’t really see us talking about something that’s a tangential issue. I wish I was incorrect about that, and I hope that I am in the end.
        Again thanks for your thoughts!

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