Fanatic Sanity

beautiful-eyesJust on the edge of insanity

I linger and pace
The crossover is near
The devil and I are in chase

Fills the void
That has come
Between you and me

The stench of
My wreckage
Permeates the air
You breathe

Paranoia pulls on my strings
Reality is on hold
The master shouts his commands
From on high
And I’m sold

Darkness shatters my mind
He leaves me to die

No refuge
No safe place to hide
His grasp ever tighter
Crushing me from inside

There is no return trip
As he chants my name
Evil is beckoning me
With riddles of shame

To rid myself of hatred
Self doubt and blame
I no longer dangle
In the realm of the sane

The cast has been set
I am but a mold
A pawn
Shadows creep ever closer
I’ll be gone by dawn

Demons don’t give advice
They dictate and reign
I am simply a servant
Subject of his game

123     Forgiveness comes from love, permission comes out of fear



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