“The creative act is not hanging on….


lake-louise-alberta-canada-nik-chavannes“The creative act is not hanging on……..but yielding to a new creative movement. Awe is what moves us forward.”

If I look forward, what do we have in the world is going to connect to that part of us that sees the world as inspiring in people.
Is it going to take some catastrophic events such as 9/11again for us to start to see that, as Hillman says, that we as a society are suffering from the pathology of our emotional and spiritual dis-ease.  Or are we going to be willing to say, that the decline of our culture socially necessitates us doing something proactively to try to heal the dis-ease?
I was reading a study about whether debriefing people who suffered what many perceived to be posttraumatic stress disorder from events like 9/11. Because if those kind of events cause the  need for people to get “professional,” help, then what about the child who was beaten by his parents?
What about the child  who’s been molested?
I was reading a post by one of my fellow bloggers where they talked about the struggles that people have with the whole Ggod thing of 12 step program. i don’t struggle with the whole Ggod concept of AA. I reject it. That doesn’t mean that I can’t stay sober. It means that we need to start looking at this whole concept outside the realm of the Christian paradigm. Personally we need to start looking at psychology outside the realm of the Christian paradigm.
““God is a metaphor for that which transcends all levels of intellectual thought. It’s as simple as that.”
Why are we so afraid in this country of letting go of what we believe to be some sort of higher power as the guiding force of our lives? Is it because we are unwilling to challenge our faith? Or is it because we no longer want to live in the world where spirituality is a concept that creates awe in us.  Is the reason that we do this so that we can hold on to something that isn’t unknown to us? I think the cost of continuing to hold onto this paradigm is the loss of our souls.
If so many of us struggle, and the more I see the world the more I see that so many of us struggle, then we need a fresh outlook on what we are doing as a culture. One of the reasons I want to study psychology is to challenge it. I don’t think it is any less sick than the rest of the culture around it.
All quotes by Joseph Campbell
123RV. Forgiveness is from the heart, permission is for the mind

2 thoughts on ““The creative act is not hanging on….

    • I agree with you that many do that. I also know a number of my friends who choose not to call the higher power that God word. There also are meetings at least there are in Napa of people who are either agnostic or atheist.
      The also people like me who go in there and won’t say certain prayers because they are Christian. I’ve got to the point where I don’t rail against it anymore, I’m just very aware of it and make my opinion known that AA is not about Christ

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