As sick as our secrets


“If our civilization suffers from hybris, from ego inflation and superbia, psychology has done its part. It has been looking at soul in th ego’s mirror, never seeing psyche, always seeing man. And this man has been monotheistic Reformational man, enemy of images.”I was sitting in the Depression meeting Tonight and I was listening to everyone talk about how their perception of themselves is limited by what they think they look like and what they think they are to other people.  I felt sadness for us because we continue to see our souls as a physical thing represented by the form of ourselves. Obviously it can’t be that, even though I don’t know what it is.
I can tell as I write this that I struggle with trying to put something into a form that can’t be put into a form. It seems to be the question that drives my life today, how do we connect to our soul enough to heal individually and collectively.
“Reflection in the mirror of the soul lets one see the madness of one’s spiritual drive, and the importance of this madness.”This is the part where I think we get so caught up into not wanting to have our own madness. Some of my best friends when they are in their madness really harm themselves with their thoughts and many times their actions.
We continue to say that we can’t be okay because of who we are. We continue to measure ourselves against some sort of perfect person who doesn’t even exist.
What is the reason that we continue to think that that person exists? What drives us to continue to envision ourselves in relationship to that imaginary perfect person?
Is it because we are told all along that there is something “wrong” with us?  Is because we’ve as “Reformational” beings discontinued looking to others to help us define and understand what we do and  who we are?
All quotes by James Hillman
123 RV. Forgiveness comes from knowing you are not perfect, permission comes from continuing to think that we have to be.

3 thoughts on “As sick as our secrets

  1. Interesting stuff Jim. Although I believe that it is perhaps this label of ‘wrong’ which drive each person to reach this unobtainable ideal self, I think there is also a strong element of discontentment. Each person is always searching for something ‘better’ mainly on an individual level. I higher status, richer…. MORE happiness. Always looking outside themselves for something that may only be able to be found within. Is there such a thing as more happiness? Is there not just happiness. Contentment. Peace,,,,,,, And collectively? I don’t know. Your writing leaves me with more questions than answers…..
    Thank you for that.

  2. Jim, Read a different post of yours and am responding to that one. For some reason, my computer is giving me lots of trouble and I can’t find the one I’m looking for. It was a short, “dark” piece of prose that suggested you were having a difficult time. Just wanted you to know I read it and just now stopped by what I was doing to pray for you. Just want you to know I care.

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