To mythic consciousness, the persons of the imagination are real.

humming-bird-and-snake    Here’s what I don’t understand sometimes. Who’s to say that any of the things that go on inside of our imaginations are less real just because we deal with the world and the level of consciousness where we think we’re aware of what’s going on in this place and time.  It is arrogant to think that we know what we are doing here on earth.

walking-reflections-mark-broughton““Myths are public dreams, dreams are “private myths.”[1] This reminds me of that Counting Crows song, Mrs. Potter’s Lullaby.”  They say that “Dreams are just films about ghosts.”

What are private myths?  I would love to hear what others think about this.  Many say that dreams are our way of working out unconscious matters.  If so, then what AA says, that “deep seated, sometimes quite forgotten emotional conflicts, persist below the level of our conscious.  Though the harm we do others is not great, the harm we do ourselves is,” deals with those private myths we live our lives out of.

The private myths is what Hillman talks about needing to be put out into the culture.  Let the pathology be openly put out instead of projected out.

lake-louise-alberta-canada-nik-chavannes“Symptoms, not therapists, led this century to soul.” This is the one where I think even though it’s harmful in the short run this is going to be the part that brings us to the emotional health that were striving towards his culture. This is a part that’s really scary for people like myself and a lot of my friends in AA.  As our outside world falls apart because our inside world is falling apart there’s a lot of despair.

download“The healer is the illness and the illness is the healer.” How culture doesn’t want to accept this. Our culture wants to say the people who use their mind are better healers the people who use something else besides just their mind.  I have always said that the “wounded healer,” is more effective than the educated only healer.

alone2This is where our healing is going to come from.  Non-mind based healings are available to us and we negate them as they are not in the same paradigm as the mind based world we live in today.

All qoutes from James Hillman except [1] Joseph Campbell.

123 R.V.  Forgiveness comes from loving oneself, permission comes from not.

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4 thoughts on “To mythic consciousness, the persons of the imagination are real.

  1. “The healer is the illness and the illness is the healer.” … very deep.
    “I have always said that the “wounded healer,” is more effective than the educated only healer.”… something to think about…

  2. I can spend too much time in my mind, to where my outer world does crumble under the distraction of it. When my mind is cluttered and dark, frozen in dread, or spinning in disorganized repetitiveness, so is my home. My home is my symptom, and it restores itself almost automatically when I regain my grip on my inner life and live again through the habits of living that restore me. Trying to sort through the symptomatic clutter without solving the real source of my manifested problem is like yelling to make it quieter or rushing madly into a crowd to find intimacy.

    • It is only through empathetic connection do we feel safe enough and close enough to reveal our inner wounds. When I realize that the person who is working with me has felt something similar to what I feel that I Feel safe enough to reveal my inner self

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