The Fanatics Falling from Grace!

image_zpsb606e780Admittedly there is no real silence
I sit alone
Shades drawn
Tears falling
Shutting out the world

1317985706imT24JYet he is there perched in my mind
Sometimes I actually think I see him
But mostly I just feel him
And always always hear him

sad woman backWorthless
No good to anyone
I sat in my hallway
Hand on the cupboard door

sad fall leavesAn invisible push
I reached in
I pulled the bottles of pills out
Some fat
Some thin
Same color
Same stigma
A plethora of psychotropic meds
Some years old
Some days old
A count of over 300

554746_508321442558441_1374493632_nSome blue
Some white
Some capsules
Failure as individual remedies
But perhaps as a cocktail
One powerful dose
My eyes would close
To true silence

finger touching nose of baby wolf yosemite

123 R.V. Forgiveness is needed when we suffer, permission is needed to be a victim.


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