For Cat

baby-wolvesIt is good to see you.
I care not what” it”  is,
that is in front of us.
I just care that you are there.

We wander in and out of “it,”
Wondering if “it’s” there or not
feeling lost, shallow, shaken
We ask at times, what is my name?

But when I see you sitting there
Bent over, holding on,
I know that Ggod is here
and we will get some rest

12352308When we do
is not for us to know or guess
it is ours to try and keep moving
to not make it a bigger mess

No it is not our mess
We just get to “be” in it
and pray that when the day is done
That we realize we are blessed.

Because without hope
Without bonding or breath
We just walk around like zombies
waiting for the peace of death.

I wrote this for my friend Cat at  My journey in life is made better by seeing “him,” sitting there with his cap on, bent over at the waist, in the blue light.

123 R.V. Forgiveness is an inside job, Permission isn’t!

finger touching nose of baby wolf yosemite


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