Where did we go?

landscapeWe stand in our time

thinking either of them

or the ones who were

the major sculptors of our lives.


4958132204_41ce4b3c2e-smallYet when we finally look

at the courses life took

It is only then will

we see how much power in them.


When we see how we are

as if looking from afar

do we learn that it is

what has led us to this.


bridge-to-nowhere-mark-felicianoour choice it is clear

to what voices we hear

If we are to be here

without living in fear


I pray you make yours

without thinking that you

must travel to distant shores

to find that you are


laughing-withWhen it all comes to pass

Will we see that our glass

is nothing more than

what it’s always  been, just a glass.


Take the chances you need

to live not in your greed

But to live in  your bliss

with those who you’ll miss


Redwood SkyLove those who are with you

and fear not what you miss

as there is nothing  more than

what’s here now in our midst


Strive not to see

what you can get from me

But love those who need

with all of Ggod’s speed


300px-Kissing_Prairie_dog_edit_3Not to get some award

as there’s one true reward

It’s the realness you’ll find

that’ll bring true peace of mind


When it is all said and done

It wont be found in fun

Or excitement or fear

Or what you hear in your ear


It will be found deep within

When we let go of sin

As that is nothing more than

honoring them again.

123 R.V.  Permission is only necessary when one cant give self forgiveness!

baby-owl-learning-to-fly-peter-brannon finger touching nose of baby


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