Todays View of the Shoe

frog-under-umbrella-penkdix-palmeAs I walk down this road
Labeled and shamed
I wonder why it is
we need someone to blame
When what is going on
is that fear is winning out
Because we dont have the
Courage to really speak out
 I tell you right now that we
will bring the light to this dark
Cuz it’s only when we see
that we are alike, will we not be aparttrolls-tongue-norway
 I’m strong enough to stand and
to say very very loud
That we wont go away
because we’re here and were proud
 We’ve done nothing wrong
and we need not feel shame
and we truly do suffer
with very real, haunting pain
I don’t expect you to empathize
unless you’ve walked in my shoes
But I do ask you to love and accept me
because this is not something I’d ever choose.
123 Fanatic
I am not here to ask for Ggod’s permission,  however, I am here to show Ggod’s forgiveness
baby-owl-learning-to-fly-peter-brannon 100_1608

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