Do those things that incline you..

The eye… toward the big questions, and avoid the things that would reduce you and make you trivial.”[1] I spent my life looking for those things that were about the small question.  Me.  This is not to say that Me is not important  because as you sit here reading this, no Me, no this writing.

Is what I am saying important? Hell yes, to me it is!  Why is it.  Because like Michael McDonald is singing as I write this,  “I am here to love you.”

I have struggled to find a voice for my passion.  Not my intellect. I am, as the Fanatic so lovingly calls me, a “brainiac.”   I didnt ask for it to be this way, it is just what I got.

mount-everest-sunset-nepalBut getting back to the intellect.  It is here as Einstein said, to be a servant to the intuitive part of us.  We have got it backwards for centuries and it is killing us.  At least I know it was killing me to be governed by the mind’s construct of what reality was/is.

“The true value of a human being is determined primarily by the measure and the sense in which he has attained liberation from the self.”[2]  What would liberation from the self look like?  Well I think Saunders’ speech is a wonderful example of it.

In AA we talk in the 11th step about things like being loving, understanding, caring and I have added the word kindness to those three.*

2650418_1So I am here to say that the psychoanalytical/pharmacological approach to “mental illness,” is myopic, inefficient and more than anything is not effective. I and many of my friends suffer because of the unwillingness of the institutions that support the present  paradigm to be self critical, to take an inventory of whether what they are doing is helping the individual.  Instead they are unconsciously driven by the business model that we are governed by as a culture .

I am going to get a Phd to get those initials behind my name to start to espouse this paradigm shift  institutionally.  Many people with initials behind their names think that they are smarter than those who don’t have them.  I got em,  because I have a J.D. behind my name.

baby-birdMost of those people are also more afraid of taking the risk of doing what they want to do with their abilities and they  end up getting stuck in those places that they think are going to give them “the,” answer to life’s mysteries.  Almost all of them think the answer is only in the mind.  It’s not.

This “theory” of “mine,” is not really that new.  It is like everything else, the ideas of changing scare us so much that we get caught up in “small question,” stuff like Mr. Saunder talked about in his speech.

finger touching nose of babywolf yosemite

[1]George Saunders’ commencement speech at Syracuse University.  Taken from my dear friend Pam Boyd’s uplifting blog  Two-Minute Tune-Up at  [2] Albert Einstein  * Look at the mnemonic made from those 4 words.

123.  It is better to seek forgiveness than it is permission!

The full text of Saunders’ speech is  here.  


One thought on “Do those things that incline you..

  1. I like the baby bird, your words about the current health care system not taking into account alternatives to medicine and pharmaceuticals that are safe, also. If you read the side effects of anti-depressants like my daughter takes or the medicine my son-in-law takes for his manic depressive, bipolar affliction, I know that it has dangerous deterioration of the liver and kidneys… Take care and keep your chin up. I appreciate your faith and “liking” my posts, too.

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