“There could be a purpose in the disturbance.”

jung-red-bookSo often, and it happens unconsciously probably more than consciously, I want to think that something is “wrong” with me when I am disturbed. I watched a video  interview of James Hillman and he was saying that the disturbance is telling us something.  It is the psyche prompting us to look at what is going on in our lives.


This reminds me of the Joseph Campbell saying “The fates lead those who will, drag those who wont.”  Those darn fates!!  I am sad that the  life I led before has been deconstructed, very, very painfully.  It is still happening.  But I  have been led to this place where I get to study where two of my favorite mentors, Campbell and Hillman, left their libraries.  I know, I know that might sound a little strange.  But both of  those men tried to do something noble, heroic in the classical sense.  They tried to make it so that we could understand the world in which we live in better than we do.

dscf2806 When I am struggling with my depression, I, out of an unconscious habit that is so ingrained in me I don’t have to even think about it, immediately go into punishing myself. I am usually not punishing myself for the thing that I am struggling with.  It is usually because of the simple fact that I am struggling, because I “dont have my shit together.”
“Psychology, the notion of helping people is making them calm, passive and stupid.”  This is what I struggle with the most out in the world.  When you get angry, when people take the liberty to tell you how you should live, what you should think, how you should see others, it rails against what I know intuitively.  I know nothing about what you or any other person “should,” do.  What makes anyone think they know what any other person needs to do.  Someone may need to walk away from something similar to what another person  might not need to walk away from.  Who knows?  Not me.

-i-will-always-be-there-for-you  “Soul lives outside of psychology”Why is that?  Is it because soul is not included in the realm of the psychological paradigm of what is acceptable.  Notice I dont use the word normal.  There is no such place.

All quotes from James Hillman

123 R.V.  Forgiveness is about loving that childish part of us that can be impetuous.

wolf yosemitefinger touching nose of baby


One thought on ““There could be a purpose in the disturbance.”

  1. Don’t you think though that there are some parameters we all function better within, like a good diet, exercise and enough sleep? Having said that though, I think most of us would function better if, unless asked, we let others live their lives as they choose (within reason, of course). I know I got very tired of feeling responsible for too many people. I’ve learned to let responsiblity lay (is it “lay” or “lie”) on the shoulders of those it should. Anyway, good post.

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