Carry on….to sleep

Blur_1_copy***Written by the Fanatic****

In that critical moment
when the demons voice is the only voice I hear.
When white sheets and ladders promise the peace I so crave.
When belief sets in the world is better off without me.
When all that’s left is pain
When I am shaken to my core
When my soul is truly lost
I am mesmerized by your power

change-your-focal-point-raluca-mateescuSo soft and comforting
Silently you wait
I feel your presence
Even behind closed doors
Silky to my touch
Answer to my prayers
You dance in my mind
Seductively luring me
Whispering of rest
Promises of forever
I will be set free

wonderfulStartled by my own breath
Vulnerable and alone
Quivering from head to toe
Tears fall and
Melt into the white sheet
With the demon breathing
Down my neck
Frantic hands
Push the fabric of my life
Back into its proper place

dispairCollapsing into bed
Despairing sobs
Call me to sleep


123 Permission is not necessary, giving forgiveness is



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