What did I come to be?

split-decision 1I see a path in front of me

I peer around a corner ahead hoping to see

What life really has in store for me


The best things in life they cant be told

They may only be learned by getting old

Why this is I cannot know

I  have to  trust  that only my soul

Can take me where I need to go


But wasteland is the only thing

that makes it so my mind can sing

Because it is the pain of just being

That makes my desparation king


There is nothing I can truly know

about where it is I will ever go

Because life is just my destiny

that only my soul can really see


mysterious-glowing-light-in-a-fnland-forest-mikko-lagerstedtWhen we start to walk our path

Where no one else has ever been

The suffering is there but it never lasts

As I walk towards Ggod I truly see

That it was only me who I could ever, really be


123  Forgiveness comes from seeing us, permission comes from fearing them.

100_1607finger touching nose of baby


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