These Poems have no titles


It is when we surrender
where we find freedom
It is when we yell help
that we find strength
It is when we cry out
Do we hear the silent voice
It is when we say thanks
That we are given gifts


Anger is about fear,

Fear that I wont be enough

I am afraid that you will see my pain

Then you will leave.

That when I get scared,

You will change it or run from it

And I will be left with only me

And my fear validates that what

Was said to me was right.

That I am just a nothing

With no hope in sight.


 Fearful yes,

Powerless no

 I walk this road

Of haunting pain

Feeling like there’s

nothing more to gain

I  long for those days of spring rain

not the dark, dead,

dreary rain of winter


When we see,

that glance

that glimmer,

not of hope

but of peace


When we see it

We know again

that it is

That we are


The header photo of the fiery plant  comes from John at

The blue haired girl is by Jasmine Crowter  at

100_1607finger touching nose of baby

No permission needed, forgiveness is free


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