“…Confronting inner-turmoils,…realizing spiritual transformations…*


There is a paradigm shift going on in the culture. The old psychology doesn’t work any more. (2)

the-dusks-of-fall-john-adamsThe Jungian model of psychoanalysis is not helping people like we thought it would.  If Depression is going to be one of the largest health care issues in the near future, (1)   then we need to approach this problem differently. Many of my friends with emotional health issues are going to therapy and getting temporary relief.  However when the natural stressors of life come up, they are still reverting back into actions that are detrimental to themselves and others.  I know, it happened to me and I can still do it if I am not “spiritually fit,” as they say in AA.

baby-owl-learning-to-fly-peter-brannon“The culture is going into a psychological depression.”(7)  I have said for a while that since the Industrial revolution, and the concomitant  dis-integration of the family unit has caused a disconnect.  A disconnect between Fathers and their sons, Husbands and wives, people and the earth, and children and the paternal system that our lives are supposedly structured around.  Many argue this is part of the demise of our culture.  Who created it isn’t important to me any more.  Assigning responsibility to others continues to say that I am a victim to it and I am not.  I am an observer and I am  interested on working to reverse the effects of it.

aloe-laura-fajardo“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.”(3)As Einstein said, we have made the intuitive a servant to the rational and that is sucking the energy out of us and making it so “reality shows,” and their ilk are popular.  It we cant live in the mysteries of life then at least let us watch others do that.

“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. “(6) It is this area where I believe a large part of a solution can come from.   Marveling about the little things in life, not the material things, but the coincidences and serendipitous events that happen all the time for me if I am aware of them is a wonder full beginning.

IMG00973As Achan Chah says, “If you haven’t cried a number of tears, your meditation hasn’t really begun.” This is where I needed to do the work.  I have done a lot of it.  If you dont understand this then read the earlier post titled Anom Cara.  I cant explain it in the limited space and time of this post.

“Great spirits have always found violent opposition from mediocre minds. The latter cannot understand it when a man does not thoughtlessly submit to hereditary prejudices but honestly and courageously uses his intelligence.” (4) I am no guru.  I am no doctor or psychiatrist or psychologist.  What I am is some one who walked through  a lot of the deep seated emotional conflicts that create many manifestations of the disorder that caused my depression.  I say that if the problem is below the level of my consciousness then no amount  of conscious “therapy,” is going to help me work through those conflicts.   Here is where I believe Hillman’s work, his vision, is going to help us move forward.

BNaWwfjCAAAReYi.jpg large“They have been deprived of the sense that there is something else in life, some purpose that has come with them into the world.” (8) Many, many of us are walking around like zombies.  Going home at night to watch TV. Almost waiting for “it,” to end.

“The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education.”(5) I am so grateful that I was diagnosed with depression in late 2010.  Had I not, I would not be here walking into a vocation of life and not just a job to make money.   I know that this is brainy.  I cant help it today.  I see so many people who suffer and try to sound  and look like they dont.  It is not what we are here to do. We are here to live out that reason for us to be here.  We are here to help those who suffer to get some relief.  That is the 12th step of AA.

finger touching nose of baby100_1607

123   Forgiveness is Ggod’s Grace shining on me, permission isn’t.

(1)  Catherine Rampell  The Half Trillion Dollar Depression.  New York Times, July 2, 2013  (2)  James Hillman (3-6) Albert Einstein.(7) James Hillman Sun Magazine March 1998 (8) James Hillman.  Sun Magazine March 1998  *  This quote came from a response to (1) “Instead, we should be confronting inner-turmoils, and realizing spiritual transformations that focus away from constraints of society and towards a better self.” Authored by  “Thinker” Seattle. July 6, 2013 .  Stonehedge by John B.


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