Oh no Jim, you have a brain illness!


One of my favorite bloggers is Dr. Sana Johnson-Quijada. Her blog is She is about loving kindness.   Yesterday, Saturday, she asked what would a brain illness look like? I asked her if she included depression in that question and she said yes.  Here is my response to her question.

4-26-13-windflower-jpegSaying this all arises in the brain,
Assumes that our knowing is mystically ordained
Saying it’s only the mind that can understand  pain
Leaves out the biggest part of us that carries the strain

We think we can heal it by dealing with it in the rational,
With pharmacologic intervention and lots of psycho-babble.
This thinking is myopic and leaves outs so much
This dis-ease is historical and responds better to touch.

stunning-smeared-sky-time-lapse-photography-matt-molloyWhen we start to see that it is in the intuition
Where the solution will come from
It’ll leave us without that compulsion
That keeps us needing and needing.

Because when we say that this dis-ease is in the brain
We close ourself off to the real holder of the pain.

I am ill because of wounds, wounds deep to the self
That cant be treated from the outside
By taking something off of a shelf.

beautiful-smile-aashna-ajaytaoI know not your answer,
I don’t understand mine
I trust that this journey of wonder full pain
Will lead me to the place of silence
Where everything just is,
and I am truly and really just being.

I truly would like to know your thoughts. That is what this site is about.  As they say, “one alcoholic helping another alcoholic.”

123  Permission is something your Mom signed a slip for. Forgiveness is something we can all give, we just dont know it.

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3 thoughts on “Oh no Jim, you have a brain illness!

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  2. I will always think of poor Eeyore as the one who carries the world on his shoulders. You have a lot on your plate and I hope for your health, happiness and bridge to a better time.

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