Fanatic Shadows and Trapped Shoes


When the dark shadows
Creep into
The light of day
And steal my voice
Rob me of value
Deem me a wastefinger touching nose of baby

When old demons

Rear up

Throwing me to and fro
Enforcing chaos
Leaving me winded
Confused and alone

photoWhen thoughts
Are intrusive and mean
My sheer will
Losing steam

When Echoes of the past
Fuel fears of today
I lose my breath
Riddled in shame
I am once again
Lost in depression

Written by the Fanatic


old-wooden-fenceWhen we feel trapped
The world seems small

Because we only think
that what we think is all

But what I learn
When I get up again
and go where I go

Is that the world is
you and I

That is what there is
when I truly live
In this moment of ALL

Written by the Shoe


The picture of the shoes  at the top of this page is a picture of the shoes worn by Sen.Wendy Davis of Texas on Tuesday.  There are few politicians who I would use the word heroic to describe something they have done.  What Senator Davis did this week to me fits that description

Forgiveness, Ggod let me give it to them, though I need not their permission to do what I need to do.

100_1607standing baby

123 silly one, 123


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