What would you have if you woke up tomorrow….

clip-art-waking-up-489699with only what you thanked Ggod for today?

I am not a big believer in axioms, universal declarations of life views, any longer. I equate them to t-shirts that I used to wear from my favorite rock ‘n roll bands.  I was trying to tell you who I was by what I was wearing on my chest.

I also think many times that axioms are really the dead’s rules for the living. That is why I question the axioms in “books” that are supposedly from these other than human beings.  Joseph Campbell says, “All religions are true but none are literal.”

When I found mythology, after I started becoming a student of Campbell’s writings, life started to make a heck of a lot more sense to me. When I saw that the same experience of  life was shared by many who never even saw each other, I was able to resolve many of the conflicts that were in my mind about what was, “right or wrong.” Because my culture was telling me that we were the “best,” and inherently, that the “others” were not.

praying-handsThe image to the right is nothing more than an axiom isnt it?

I like to use quotes here because it gives me a reference point, and I like to put other people’s words in the posts so that you can go look at their words instead of just reading mine.  I also like many times to leave you with more questions than answers, because I don’t think there’s much in the world that’s black and white anymore. I do like creating  catchy new phrases which my mind likes to grab onto and say how great it is.

“I need not seek, I need only see.”

When I read this title quote yesterday as a tweet on somebody else’s blog, it made me think. It is important every day to thank Ggod for my friends, or is it important to show them how glad I am that they are in my life? Is it not really more important for me to give love to  others instead of giving loving thoughts to the diety?

As I was writing this I just wondered the opposite. Would I  not wake up with my depression tomorrow if I didn’t thank Ggod for it today?  Now that’s funny. Would my dear friends be able to wake up with no suicide ideation tomorrow  if they didn’t thank Ggod for them today?

clouds from planeSo why is it that we are supposed to thank Ggod for everything we have today? Isn’t gratitude better expressed by what we do or say to others, instead of some ritualistic deference to a deity?

Trust me, I’m not going to stop thanking Ggod for things like my sobriety, my friends, family, etc.

However, I think it is more important to show it to others, then to say a little word to Ggod. If I truly believe that my whole existence is nothing more than a cry for Ggod, as I’m coming to believe, it is then I don’t need to tell Ggod of my gratitude, I need to show it to others.

123 It is better to seek forgiveness than it is permission



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