Truckma…or the Universe’s guide to……..

home-cThe loonies or toonies of mental health!!!

Truckma=the load of “stuff,” the medical/industrial/military/governmental complexees puts out for us to compost.

Okay, okay, okay little drone heads,  because you dont know, cuz you aint the Creator of all truckma,  the answer is simple; you need to take everything the truckma’sters decide you should take.  No, no,no dont limit your little drone head brains to thinking it is just the drugs we prescribe for you to keep you healthy enough so that you need to take them to stay just healthy enough to keep taking them….  You get the picture dont you on that one!!!

No you need to take enough to keep you numb  enough to keep going to work.  No, we know  little pickup heads, that you also need the Voice, The Idol and Stars who are all Dancing  just for you also!!  We struggled whether to put opium in the water or give you teleevision and it was  very very close but teleevision won out. (Karzais homeies werent happy, but Mr. Turners boys were)

Al_GoreNo,  no, no, thats not enough Truckma! You neeeed more.

Okay, along with  one of the best  truckma’sters himself, Mr. Al Gore, we will give you the internet. Mr. Al invented it you know!!!  Oh okay, you will have to pay us for it because we control the air cuz we bought it from the Oba-ma-sters for a song and a dance.  Okay just a dance, but remember, we did use the Stars who are all Dancing to produce that dog and pony show and, hell, we put it on in prime time for you enjoy.  I know, I know, you need more, more, more. Chrome, Explorer and the Mozilla cant satiate you, I know.  Yahoo for Truckma!!!

Well then how about a dose of fat, cholesterol, nicotine, caffeine  and of course, “sex and drugs and rock and roll,” and what the heck, some GMOs for dessert!

377618_349222318524549_1376407651_nSee arent you grateful for the truckma’sters!  Okay, I know you need more, more and then more.  Okay quit jonesing, or better yet, go to your doctor, you need another anti-“whatever we think is necessary” to keep you calm, satiated and of course compliant.  You ask how do we know what you need? Okay, again the Truckma’ster will tell you.  We tell the doctor what to give you and  to tell you what you need!!(what the hell, we give it to them free, to give to you for free  in the beginning, so we can get you addicted to them and then we take your money for em! Kinda like the local crack dealer aint it!)

Yes I know you have scabs from your nose rubbing all the time on the truckma’ster  grindstone,  and yes we’ll get you another pill for that too, but remember , always remember how grateful you are  cuz your kids get to go our Truckma’ster educational system. We will leave no child behind, cuz we are all looking backwards to make sure of that and that nothing else happens to the Truckma system we’ve set up,  which we set up of course for your benefit!

Oh yeah by the way, your children are great!!  They love to Tweak, we mean tweet, and are always looking at books, oops we meant Face-books!  I know, texts are books to you.  You are sooo numb!

children-reading-6-tnWell, I am sure you now know and understand more about truckma, correct?  Of course you think it could be a better system.  But remember, what do you know?  We have numbed  you enough to where you keep swallowing our “info-mation”  and think you have it good. I mean if you keep taking those pills, we think in 20-30 years, you will notice significant changes, drastically significant ones, in your depression.

Yes we know thats a long time, but what the hell,  you have nothing better to do unless you can think of anything that would be better for the economy.  Cuz as the master Truckma’ster himself, Billy, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman,” C. said  so succinctly, and it is our real national anthem, “It’s the economy stupid.”


It is better to seek forgiveness than it is permission.

winnie-the-pooh100_1607standing baby


3 thoughts on “Truckma…or the Universe’s guide to……..

  1. wonderful! i now have a new vocab word. When I read “truckma” in your original post, I had no idea it was about this! I knew it would be good, but not this good. This is so true, and my fave line is this one:

    We will leave no child behind, cuz we are all looking backwards to make sure of that

    I took my son out of public school, and my daughter for a while, but she hated it so much I let her go back when we got her a bit stabilized. Wish she would stay home, the public school system (at least ours) is poison to her.

    It’s hard to navigate the truckma stream. I am 100% convinced that medication helped save my daughter’s life, and that it is vital and needed for many people suffering from (insert medical condition), but at the same time, I believe we are in general, an over medicated society. I agree completely with that statement.

    I love this article, so much packed into so little. thanks for writing this, I’m sure I will use the word in my life now! 😉

    • Carrie,
      I wrote this post night after coming back from a meeting full of feelings. I made the whole thing up last night in front of the computer. “Truckma,” was a play on the word “karma.” Car and truck, you know!
      I swear, you can ask the Fanatic, I just made this up. All of it. But I do like it too. It is tongue in cheek dark. I am glad, more than anything, that your daughter is okay! Thanks for the loving kindness of your support and thoughts.

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