Destructive Thoughts – Poem (author unknown)


A Poem for my Thoughts

Serenity from this surreality

I want freedom from my mind,

But the clock keeps ticking and tocking,

Destination? Destruction!

My thoughts being the cuckoo that never shuts up,

Smashing the side of my skull,

Scraping away at any hanging hope.

It never shuts up!

For you see the world is a stranger,

Callously creeping from a deep chasm in the darkness of a desolate alley,

Silently stalking,

Watching, but never comforting.

My cuckoo is the only thing I have,

As I desperately delve deep down

For any unconsuming consciousness or concupiscence.

The only thing I have!

Hitting like a hammer, on and on it hounds, hating and hurting,

Thump- You don’t want to be

Thump- You’ll never make it

Thump- You don’t belong

Thump- You shouldn’t be,

I am a big square box squeezing into a small circular bucket,

I am a person.

But not as I should be!

I found this poem at and they got it at by an anonymous blogger there.


123 Fanatic  It is better to seek permission than it is forgiveness.


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