Biting my lip


I know the one who has all power believes in me-

i get to love, empathize- and touch others pain at my job-

for today while I function I can give –

receiving and deserving of those things I give is my pain.

Sexual abuse is the murder my heart and soul Struggles with.

The goo goo dolls  said it best.


“Looking at love with my face pressed up to glass….”

I tell myself -my friends- my therapist –

they all say its all in my mind-

i say its not in my power to heal-

they say its in my mind-

its too much for my mind –

i gave up, i give up.


Biting my lip through the tears today-

improv tonight- hoping for some relief-

my book- my music- i should be called –

lip biter.

*Written by Daiser14

wolf yosemitebetter to seek forgiveness than permission.


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