Follow your inner heart and the world moves in and helps.[1]

IMGP0675To do this, to really listen to what was going in inside of me,  meant I had to give up the world that I had created on the outside. At least that is what I thought.  What I have since learned is that my depression was so severe that I could not function in the outside world any longer.

Covertly depressed men turn to …activities to gain relief from distress.[2]

The psychic energy I had mustered  to go out and face the outside world day after day was no longer available to me.   The one quality I had always relied on, my whole life, was to be able to work as hard if not harder than the next guy. When that was no longer available to me, I was sunk.  I could not keep running.

But when I did make the choice, or more likely than not, when the choice was made for me, I turned over my life as much as I could to healing the wounds that I was carrying and running from at the same time.  I met people who were put in my life to help me heal.  I found support in friends who I didnt think I would find it in.    I gained a relationship with my self that I never had.

[1] Joseph Campbell

[2] Terrence Real


4 thoughts on “Follow your inner heart and the world moves in and helps.[1]

  1. Jim,

    Thanks first of all for following my blog. I scanned through a number of your posts. I can certainly feel your pain. Depression is HORRIBLE!, with a capital “H”. While I’m one of those that do believe there are things we can do ourselves to relieve the pain, I never suggest it will be easy or that we can just “snap out of it”. Who wouldn’t want to “snap out of it?” if they could. The only people that think otherwise are those that have never experienced and more than likely they will at some point in their life. Good luck with that!

    I’ve been depression-free for over twelve years and I’ve worked hard to stay that way. I pray that you, too, will eventually be able to say the same thing. I wouldn’t wish this illness on anyone. Hang in there, and thanks again.

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